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Feelings, nothing more than…feelings.  OK, does anyone else hate that song as much as I do?  Not only is it shiveringly bad, but it always reminds me of the episode of the Carol Burnett Show when Eunice goes on the Gong Show and bombs.  Ugh!

Don’t worry – this post is not about that song…or the Gong Show.  But it is about feelings.  (By the way, I feel feisty!)

I was perusing some current exhibitions, and saw that LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Galleries) is presenting a show entitled I Feel Different, which explores the “experience of feeling different from others” as well as how art can alter the observer’s feelings.  As part of this exbibit, LACE is presenting a talk tomorrow night (January 14th) with the show’s curator, Jennifer Doyle, and one of the artists, Lezley Saar, as they discuss the exhibition and how Saar’s work relates to the show as a whole.  I plan on attending and will report back on the art, the talk and, of course, the design of the exhibition.  If you’re feeling up to it, perhaps I’ll see you there?

And as I linger on feelings, I might as well share with you an intriguing website, which I learned about at a recent 5D lecture at the Hammer Museum.  Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist (yes, there is such a thing…and as I learned, we are the cyborgs!), incorporated the website www.wefeelfine.org into her talk and noted how the site’s creators designed a program to extract the feelings of our collective society through something as simple as blog posts.  Their program crawls the web and looks for instances of the words “I feel” or “I am feeling”, pulls the data and then – in a beautiful and rather elegant way – distills the information to determine the emotional climate of our society and it’s smaller components while also honing in on individual experiences via the anonymous blog quotes.  Not only is it an interesting tool, but the the site’s use of color, shape, and simple yet engaging user experience make for a great little online adventure – sort of an emotional scavenger hunt.  The creators recently published a book that includes their findings and many of the statements pulled from the ether into an equally beautiful book, but check out the interactive online version of the site and see what pops up.   I feel you may enjoy it. 

By the way, does anyone else think that “Amber Case: Cyborg Anthropologist” is a crazy good name?! 

Anyway, it’s gloomy outside and I feel like going back to bed.  But – even more so – I feel the need to get paid, so off I go to work! 

I’ll report back on the exhibition this weekend, and in the meantime, feel good!

Photo Credit:  Kevin Labianco via Flickr


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Learn Something New

Happy Tuesday!

The next post will be up soon, but in the meantime I thought I’d tell you about a fantastic experience design course at UCLA Extension that’s starting next week (in case you’re like me and just can’t get enough homework!).

Three years ago, I took “Designing Experiences: Exhibit, Retail, Event and Environmental Graphic Design” – taught by Merritt Price, the Design Manager at the Getty Museum, and part of the wonderful Design Communication Arts program at Extension (headed by my friend Cindy Grant’s husband, Scott Hutchinson).  It was an absolutely invaluable – and fun! – course and not only taught so much about using the “big idea” to create an experience in two and three dimensions, but also honed my presentation skills and brought them to a much higher level.  I highly recommend it.  Plus, as part of the class you get a tour of the Getty’s Exhibition Design Department – field trip!  Don’t be scared if you’re not a graphic designer – if you can handle some Photoshop and InDesign, you’ll probably be just fine (though I do notice a set of pre-reqs now…but perhaps those are flexible?).  I believe the class is only taught once a year, and it starts next Tuesday, so if this is your type of subject I suggest you jump on it – today!

Designing Experiences Course Information

And while this is (unintentionally) sounding like a big commercial, I’d also like to note that UCLA Extension has a fabulous Interior Design Program, and I have nothing but positive comments about the environmental design courses I’ve taken there.  Most especially, I highly recommend 2D Design (Elements I) with Alvalyn Lundgren and 3D Design (Elements II) with Michael Schrier, both of which are highly challenging (in a good way!).

So, until next time, I wish you a beautiful day!

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