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In May, I ventured to Gallery 1988 (of Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear fame) to see a new, mysterious show by graphic artist Olly Moss.  The theme and media for the gallery opening were kept tightly under wraps, but I was game for a new show so I met up with my friend, Amy, and stood in line for whatever might be unveiled.

Moss is known for his bold, simple graphics and illustrations for all manner of pop culture clientele, so I assumed I’d see more of the same…

…but that’s when my mind was blown.  😉

Amy and I were waiting in line for a while and so we didn’t get a glimpse at the show inside until we were almost near the front door.  I took a peek over people’s heads to see row after row of what appeared to be those old-timey papercut silhouettes…the kind your grandmother took you to get at Knott’s Berry Farm when you were 8 (OK, that’s my own memory).

Hmmm…strange, I thought.

But as I looked closer, the first papercut I could sort of make out looked vaguely like…Mary Poppins?   And then when I got a bit closer, I spied another that looked a tad like…Pee Wee Herman?… And then the smile grew wide on my face.

The entire show was an ode to pop culture in the form of papercut.  Frame after frame was a loving little homage to each of our favorite characters from the past:  The Dude, Willy Wonka, Mr. Miyagi, all of the characters from The Breakfast Club.  It went on and on.

Every person in that space had the look of childlike delight.  Such a simple concept that brought out the joy in every person who attended.  And the added fun was trying to figure out exactly who was represented in each papercut…it was sort of a game that encouraged everyone to interact, guess and ask questions of one another.  Real. Human. Interaction.  There was even a “Where’s Waldo” piece that was “missing” and you had to find Waldo somewhere hidden in the gallery.  It was so enchanting – as art and as experience.

This speaks to the incredible power in a simple, elegant concept that has ties to our happy memories.  Charm, with a bit of humor, wins every time.

Here’s a video about the show from Threadless:

And click here for a link to Olly’s own blog post about the show.



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Today is a very special day (and not only because it’s my birthday!).  😉

January is Los Angeles Arts Month, and today is the kick off complete with an official opening today at the Music Center Plaza downtown.  The celebration is open to the public and will include performances from Cirque du Soleil and Los Lobos, so if you’re downtown from noon to 1:30 today, check it out!

Here’s more information about the event:


And here’s the website for ExperienceLA so you can plan the next few weeks of exciting LA experiences:


Pick something fun that you’ve never done before and take a friend – you’ll never regret having a new adventure.

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David Stark, my all-time favorite event designer – who occasionally crosses over into the realm of merchandising and retail spaces – has created (yet another) amazing pop-up store for Target.  This time, he’s produced an environment for Target’s new Liberty of London collection – a floral explosion of complementary products for fashion and home.  Layers and layers of eye-candy and dense sensory experience = a most successful shopping adventure!  Check it out:

* * *

* * *

The projected prints in motion and the patchwork skin on the exterior are my favorite elements as they celebrate Liberty of London’s chief commodity: its patterns.  Beautiful work.

Click HERE for David’s debrief at David Stark Sketchbook.  

* * *

And stay tuned later this week for my review of a great new store just a toad’s jump from my place…guaranteed to transport you to a magical world.  😉

* * *

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Happy Weekend, Experience Design Fans!



For the complete article about the making of the video on Billboard.com, click HERE

And for Syyn Labs, click HERE 

And click HERE for a great article about Mindshare LA, which partners with Syyn Labs.

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I’ll be checking in with a recap and review of the Olympics Opening Ceremony soon, but in the meantime I thought I’d share a couple of recent articles with you.

First, Randy Kennedy of the New York Times wrote an article about Jerome Neuner, director of MoMA’s department of exhibition design and production.  As I learned from taking a wonderful course in Experience Design with Merritt Price, the design manager at the Getty Museum, not many museums have an exhibition design department –  it’s quite a luxury to have a staff that’s dedicated solely to the design and production of a museum’s shows.  This article gives a nice little sneak peek behind the scenes at just such a department:

Click Here:  NY Times – Invisible Hand in MoMA Shows

Second, my friend Robb Thornsberry of Infinity Events recently produced the world premiere of 3-D Imax surf film The Ultimate Wave Tahiti at the California Science Center, and – lucky for me – he asked me to come and co-manage the event.  (Lots and lots of very cute surfers make for a good night!)   As usual, Robb did a stellar job with production and design, and he was rewarded with a write-up in BizBash complete with some great photos of the event.  I’m crossing my fingers it leads to a cover! 

Click Here:  Bizbash – 3D Surf Film Premieres

So that’s the scoop for now.  Until next time, Mahalo!

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