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I love this video.  Excellent advice for all creatives…especially the newbies… 🙂

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One of my favorite design thinkers, John Maeda, recently re-posted an article he wrote for Forbes.com, which reveals his predictions for life in 2020.

He foresees a resurgence of hand made and individually crafted pieces – things that are qualitatively special rather than technologically nifty.  If we think about it, we’re already headed in that direction with sites like etsy.com or with the rise of the ragtag “maker” movement, both of which are exciting signs of what’s ahead.  But unlike the cute and simple designs of those crafty etsy purveyors, or the down and dirty machines made by motley makers, we are in need of a new elegance…a return to craftsmanship that shows not only an affinity for making something, but a love of the aesthetics and quality that elevate handmade items to acts of accomplishment.  Truly, things to hold on to for the long run.

Maeda’s piece gives me something new to look forward to.  🙂


Your Life In 2020

John Maeda


In 2020 we might just regain some of the humanity that was lost in 2010.

The future of “ubiquitous computing” has been heralded for decades. It sounds grandiose–computing, everywhere!–but ironically, a future of ubiquitous computing is one where computers actually go unnoticed. That’s 2020. It is when Nicholas Negroponte’s assertion in 1995 of “being digital” switches to “been digital” because we will have been there and done that. Kids who have grown up stealing free views of recent movie releases online or regularly chatting with a friend in Bangalore or Atlanta will be working adults in a world where the notion of “work” has changed because of digital technology. But it’s no longer “technology” in 2020 anymore–it’s just how we get things done.

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